Certified installations of Peoplenet, GPS, Camera and other electronics into fleet vehicles nationwide, from LA to Detroit, to New Jersey, to Virginia, to Florida... We can be anywhere you need us. We also have special representation in Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, New Orleans and Philadelphia.

Not mechanically inclined? Grow your business with the best technology has to offer and let us do the hard work. Vehicle Installs LLC provides your team with high quality installation services that minimize vehicle depreciation and just plain look good. Prefer to handle it all in-house? We provide the greatest value in training. Our special trainers are informative and will show your techs the most efficient and practical mobile applications and devices in the industry. Our strategic and well-organized training solutions cover installation and proper use of GPS, cameras, Peoplenet, Qualcomm, Tom Tom, and all other popular telematics and electronics that you may utilize to empower your fleet. Our representatives are able to conduct training in LA, Houston, Dallas, New Orleans, Atlanta, Detroit, Philadelphia, and all of Florida, New Jersey, Virginia, and the entire continental U.S.A.- just give a call to discuss your specific needs.

Vehicle Installs is not just a product and service provider. We extend our expertise to your organization by offering classes and workshops designed to provide hands-on training of installations of Peoplenet, GPS, cameras, and other electronics installations, removals, and swaps. We likewise train your employees on basic troubleshooting; ensuring you and your team will have the necessary skills at any given circumstance to maximize your ROI.

Make the most out of the best in mobile electronics installations. With careful and thorough training services on cameras, Peoplenet, GPS, and other fleet installations nationwide, you are sure to have a profitable and efficient fleet that’s worthy of your investment. Schedule a training class with the experts at Vehicle Installs today by calling 855.244.1800 or email Or better yet, save yourself the time and energy and let us handle the entire deployment. Contact us today!




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